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The Story Behind Go Vertical Aviation

A Strong Legacy Committed to Your Future

Our Mission

Go Vertical Aviation exists to help people realize their dream of flying by offering quality flight instruction at an affordable price, and to give each of our clients an uplifting experience that will help them soar in life, as well as in the airways!

Our Story

Hello!  My name is Jason Evans, and I would like to take a moment to share the back story, and the inspiration for establishing Go Vertical Aviation, LLC.  For many years I saw people wanting to get into aviation, but either didn't have the resources to get started, or were frustrated after starting because they felt like they couldn't do it.  So, I started Go Vertical Aviation, LLC to give those wanting to pursue aviation for personal or career purposes an accessible, affordable, easy to understand, and inspiring way to reach their goals.  So, how did I get here?  Well, I grew up in aviation and it has always been in my blood.  I received my Pilot License in 1996 while attending college, and even though I went to college on a different career path, received degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, and had a successful career at a top Fortune 100 company, I have always longed to follow in my dad's footsteps and make a career out of aviation.  After my dad passed away from cancer in 2012, I realized that I truly needed to find a way to carry on his legacy.  My dad was my hero.  He started flying when he was only 15 and could fly most anything with wings.  He did so many things in aviation that I admired throughout his career.  Whether it was flying freight with his air freight business, fixing aircraft as an A&P mechanic, teaching at the local community college, or spraying fields in his Ag Truck (pictured below), he loved aviation, and he loved helping people.  Many people told me he was one of the greatest pilots they had ever seen.  However, for me, my dad's greatest qualities was that he loved everyone, and that he always looked for opportunities to make their life better in some way.  After witnessing his example, I realized that true joy comes from helping others, and that greatness in this life is only achieved when you help others achieve something great in theirs.  My dad taught me that, whether it's an airplane, or a human being, I should always do everything in my power to give them my best, put wind beneath their wings, and allow them to soar!  That is the foundation of Go Vertical Aviation and why it was formed.  We want to give everyone the opportunity to soar!  Go Vertical Aviation exists to help people realize their dreams, and to have the most uplifting experience possible in the process.  The name "Go Vertical Aviation" encapsulates our philosophy in so many ways, but most of all, we want to provide our clients with the best services, the most uplifting experiences, and the greatest opportunities to excel and to soar!  Our motto is "Don't just go...Go Vertical!".  That's because we exist to inspire people to go higher, and to realize their dreams!  So, whether it's in learning to fly for leisure, finding a new career path, or in living their daily life, we don't want people to just go... we want them to Go Vertical!

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